Reclaiming My Time!

Reclaiming her time

Yessssss hunnnni! Auntie Maxine Waters is at it again letting them know hunni IT IS HER TIME!!!! So during a congressional meeting Democratic Congress woman Ms. Maxinw Waters had no time for Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin’s and his bullshhhhhh. Yes hunni she gathered him together like a good skirts!

YOUR time is of the essence, you can’t it back once it’s gone. So often we give our time, waste our time and lose our time to the wrong things. We lose sight of our goals, visions and dreams. Do you feel me?! The video of Aunti Maxine went viral but the message will be lasting and the memes will be forever hilarious!!!

RECLAIM YOUR TIME! I am! Last year I taught my self how to sew and out of that Candi Bags, a fashion brand specializing in statement handbags was birthed (<—- shameLESS plug, follow me on EVERYTHING! IG: Candi_bags FB: Candi Bags). There are things that went well, steps I skipped, times I felt like throwing in the towel and many times when I wasted MY TIME. I decided that I was going to mentally start over, go back over the vision, refresh and refocus. I decided that I was going to start over as many times as I need to because Queens Dont Quit (check out this Etsy, empowering and the shop owner is Ah-mazing!). I slacked off in blogging but guess what…Reclaiming My Time! I hope you follow me on this journey, I ‘ll be throwing out a lot of F Bomb (Faith and Fashion!) and just sharing my thoughts here and there on shananigans and what not. I want you to interact with me, comment, share, etc…can you do that?! Thanks! 


Do you have a goal or endeavor you started and got off track? Reclaim Your Time

Been in a unfruitful relationship (Bae, Friends, etc)? Reclaim Your Time

Do you feel like you are stuck and just need a fresh start? Start over, Reclaim Your Time

Share your “reclaiming your time” momments in the comment section, dont be shy, lets dialogue!

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NLT) For everything there is a season, a TIME for every activity under heaven

#reclaimingmytime #candibags #maxinewaters #queensdontquit


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